Product Development

The markets for functional foods, which include nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics (often referred to as cosmeceuticals) are rapidly evolving. As a minimum ongoing product development is needed to maintain, or ideally improve a competitive advantage. New research findings, the availability of new ingredients and changes in food regulation all provide opportunities to improve functional foods and nutricosmetics. These developments can take many forms such as including new ingredients to improve efficacy; or replacing existing ingredients to improve functionality, flavour, texture, shelf life, or provide cost savings.

Alimentarius have developed and improved some of the most successful weight management and sports nutrition products on the European market. In addition, we have successfully reformulated US products to make them compliant for sale in the EU while still maintaining efficacy. In other instances Alimentarius has focused its’ development processes on maintaining product efficacy and claims, while reducing ingredient costs. We have consistently been able to provide these benefits for our clients because of our understanding of food law. This is complimented by our close international relationships with university research departments across and raw ingredient manufacturers allowing Alimentarius to deliver our clients strategically developed products. These are specifically formulated to prevent regulatory problems in the global market and minimize the risks posed by new legislation, especially in the EU. By pre-empting regulatory caveats products formulated and marketed by Alimentarius have remained compliant with new EU legislation without the need for relabeling or reformulation. Despite this superficially conservative approach the products we developed were still effective enough to carry strong marketing claims and efficacious enough to drive repeat sales. In a fast moving and highly competitive market his provided our clients with sustained commercial success. For examples of our case studies relating to product development click here.