Clearcast 2009 – Fat loss claims

A major European functional food company wanted to support the launch of its’ new women’s weight management range with a TV marketing campaign. The proposed advertisements made a number of health claims relating to and including fat loss, which provided an important point of difference from existing products in this sector. Our clients claims were evaluated by Clearcast, the organization that ensures compliance with UK Code for Broadcast Advertising (BCAP code). Clearcast asked our clients to provide supporting evidence for all the claims they wished to use for marketing the products, who in turn asked Alimentarius to provide substantiation. We prepared a scientific dossiers for Clearcast to demonstrate that our clients products could provide the claimed health benefits; which included claims for ‘weight management’, ‘toning’ and ‘fat loss’. The dossier was evaluated by their experts and Clearcast approved fat loss claims, toning claims and weight management claims. These were successfully used to market our clients range of weight management products on TV and the internet.