Clearcast – Fast track health claims

An EU based functional food company wanted to extend the promotion of its’ product range to include commercial TV. The products carried several marketing claims which required final approval by Clearcast, the organization that ensures compliance with UK Code for Broadcast Advertising (BCAP code). Alimentarius were asked to provide Clearcast with a scientific dossier to supported each products marketing claims. The dossiers were submitted to Clearcast and all the claims were approved without removal, modification, or the need to supply additional data. The time and cost saving for our client was significant, allowing the whole process from the initial approach to Alimentarius to Clearcast approval to be completed in less than a month. This allowed the TV advertising to optimally compliment pre-planned in-store product launches and drive sales success.

Committee of Advertising Practice

A major UK sports nutrition brand had tried unsuccessfully to demonstrate Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) compliance for its’ flagship muscle building products. This meant that health claims with significant consumer appeal had to be removed from the brands advertisements in the mainstream press. The company approached Alimentarius to provide CAP compliant marketing claims for its’ core muscle building range. The health claims related to ‘increased mass’, ‘increased muscle size’, ‘increased muscle strength’ and ‘increased muscle power’. Alimentarius provided scientific substantiation for all these claims, with accompanying CAP compliant copy. These were used extensively on pack, in catalogues, in magazine advertising, the company website, in internet marketing and in TV ads. The unique claims and copy provided by Alimentarius had significant customer appeal, elevating our clients products above its’ competitors. The resulting increase in sales helped establish the reputation of the company and its’ products, making it one of the biggest sports nutrition brands in Europe.