Health claims – Use in all media

A major UK online supplement retailer was under increasing commercial pressure from competitors and wanted to maintain both sales and brand profile. Their product range included vitamins, minerals, protein powders, energy supplements and botanicals. They approached a nutrition consultancy firm to assess the possibility of using health claims to help promote their products, but were advised ‘this was not possible’. The company then approached Alimentarius and after careful evaluation of the companies’ products it was clear that the most of their product range could in fact carry health claims. We provided our clients with a selection of consumer friendly claims for their products. These were incorporated onto product packaging, iinto company catalogues, magazine advertising, point of sale material and website and resulted in significant sales increases. Despite the absence of health claims on some products these also showed an up-lift in sales. This was partially caused by the ‘halo’ effect of products with health claims and the perceived improvement in brand quality. The sales increases were used to consolidate our clients position in the UK market and provided a platform to increase sales within the EU.

Innova database – Dairy proteins

The Innova database enables subscribers to monitor competitor activity, explore active areas of functional food launches, identify product trends and has been described as ‘the ultimate resource for generating new product ideas’. Covering the full spectrum of functional food ingredients, Alimentarius were invited to provide scientific articles on dairy proteins. These covered the following areas:-

‘The role of dairy proteins and appetite regulation’

‘Application of dairy proteins for fat loss’

‘Improving human immunity with whey proteins’

Nutraceuticals Now – Fat loss

Alimentarius an unsurpassed reputation for translating the very latest scientific findings into commercial applications in functional foods. This expertise was recognized by Nutraceuticals Now and we were approached to provide a range articles relating to functional foods and supplements, including:-

‘Low carbohydrate diets for fat loss and health: fact fiction, fad or future?’

‘Application of whey protein as a functional food for appetite control: contemporary perspectives’

‘ Nutrition to optimize recovery from endurance exercise’



Committee of Advertising Practice

A major UK sports nutrition brand had tried unsuccessfully to demonstrate Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) compliance for its’ flagship muscle building products. This meant that health claims with significant consumer appeal had to be removed from the brands advertisements in the mainstream press. The company approached Alimentarius to provide CAP compliant marketing claims for its’ core muscle building range. The health claims related to ‘increased mass’, ‘increased muscle size’, ‘increased muscle strength’ and ‘increased muscle power’. Alimentarius provided scientific substantiation for all these claims, with accompanying CAP compliant copy. These were used extensively on pack, in catalogues, in magazine advertising, the company website, in internet marketing and in TV ads. The unique claims and copy provided by Alimentarius had significant customer appeal, elevating our clients products above its’ competitors. The resulting increase in sales helped establish the reputation of the company and its’ products, making it one of the biggest sports nutrition brands in Europe.